Photographs & Sculpture Exploring the Antarctic Wilderness

Project based on seven weeks in Antarctica in late 2015 as a grantee of the National Science Foundation Antarctic Artists and Writers Program. There I photographed ice formations, geological formations, and some wildlife, at remote locations and scientific field camps. Some have been made into photographic prints, and others made into the first sculptures produced from 3D scans of the Antarctic landscape, providing a new spatial and tactile way to convey the experience. I was particularly interested in the ephemeral and evocative forms specific to the extreme climate: massive glaciers, frozen waterfalls, surreally shaped boulders, baroque crystalline ice formations, and minute, intricate designs etched in thin sheets of lake ice.

Most of the images shown here were printed in 2016 and 2017. Work on the project is ongoing; other photographs are yet to be printed and other sculptures are in progress.

Shown below, a selection of images from the project. Selected photographs and sculpture, project overview and links to more images and media coverage below.

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Ice Cave & Sea Ice
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Lake Ice
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Dry Valleys
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Installation Shots
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Overview: I was based at McMurdo Station given access to protected areas, some of which can only be reached by helicopter or on foot in the company of an expert mountaineer, and also lived part of the time at wilderness field camps. The landscape was otherworldly and full of surprising incidents and an even richer variety of forms, textures and colors than I had expected. Some of the photographs were made into 3D scans via photogrammetry, and produced as painted sculptures with a combination of digital fabrication technologies and hand finishing.

Exhibition: 33 framed photographs, 4 sculptures and a free audio tour accessible on a smartphone via the Internet were exhibited at Goucher College, Baltimore, MD, USA, in 2017-18, and filled 144 running feet of wall space and are framed and available for touring. Other sculptures are in progress and other sequences of images not including in that exhibition are also available. Please inquire about customizing the display to your space.


Audio tour first-person narrative accompanying my Goucher College exhibition Walking in Antarctica, a  of my experiences there and the process of making the photos and sculpture.

Video: Shows the process of making one of the sculptures, hosted on YouTube (running time 2:50).

Antarctica journal entries: Record of my experiences, entered as blog posts from November 15, 2015 to April 1, 2016.

Press: Features and interviews about the project have appeared on Vice Media's Creators Project, Atlas Obscura, and the Cloud Appreciation Society's websites, in print in various Baltimore publications, and on a Baltimore National Public Radio station.